After 10 years of ministry as NorthField Church, we are changing our identity to Grace City Denver. And we’re pretty excited about what this change represents!


The name NorthField made sense back when we thought we’d eventually build a permanent facility in that neighborhood. It also made sense back when we were essentially “a Stapleton church.” But a lot has changed in a decade, and our church has grown, culturally, geographically, and ideologically, far beyond what NorthField represents. So, seeing that the name NorthField didn’t adequately speak to who, what, or even where we are, we decided it was the right time to make a change.


The new name Grace City was chosen because it’s an honest assessment of both who we are and who we aspire to be.


“Grace” is one of the most important words of our Christian faith. It reminds us that we are who we are because of the free and unmerited kindness of God. We’re not better than anyone; we’re just a community of people united by a common interest in celebrating, living, and sharing the grace of Jesus together.


Our full name, Grace City, speaks to both our identity and our mission. We’re a city-within-the-City that is characterized by grace. At the same time, we’re intentional about extending the grace of Christ to the City – joining him in the renewal of all things. So Grace City signifies both grace in the City and grace for the City.


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